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Post by RACIONIC5 » Sat Jul 23, 2022 4:41 pm

My December 21 Premium I've gradually found missing specifications compared with what I ordered and what was on the Specifications for the model catalogue. Missing mood lighting, auto anti dazzle rear view mirror( mine hasn't even got the manual dip mirror for night driving) no 12v socket in luggage area, no pop out door handles ( makes for difficult door opening for driver or passengers when only one hand is free. The specification said tinted windows, I expected to have some semblance of screening in fact expecting courtesy glass like most new cars but 20% tint is a joke on a European car of the year. The rear screen and camera obstructed view in rain and any dirt spray is serious safety issue and is worse at night with glare as the interior mirror doesn't auto dim ar dip the spoiler said to clear the rear screen doesn't , Hyundai said use the rear view camera guess what it's not shrouded so gets the same dirt and rain. OH and now 2022 models updates get many of these issues resolved.

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