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Post by Stebar »

I have an ohme smart home pro charger and it always shows the current battery level as 0%. Is there a way of linking it to the car to show current t range in the ohme app? Only got car on Monday so new to it all!

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Hi I was googling the same issue as I have got know where with the Ohme technical team. Did you get it Fixed?
Mine has worked once.
my car it the AWD Ioniq 5 2021with the Ohme home pro.
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Post by ESK »

I have had similar problems, and in an effort to try to get the Ohme app working again, I used the "Switch Car" function in the Ohme app, effectively removing my car and replacing it with another, but in fact re-inputting the details and Bluelink sign in details of the same car. It worked, and the Ohme app started working again. The Ohme app has since lost contact with the car several times, but each time I got it working again using he same method. Currently it has been working for about the last couple of weeks. It's a very easy process, only takes a few minutes and is well worth the effort, give it a try.
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