12V Battery drain - scheduled charge

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Owner of a 2022 IONIQ 5 AWD 73kWh. I have been suffering 12V battery drain and have spent much time looking into the issue but have not found mention of the exact issue I am seeing. When setting a scheduled charge and connecting the Type 2 charger from my Project EV wall box, the car the cycles through high 8-10amp current draw on the 12V battery and then lower 1amp draw. This coincides with the cooling flaps opening and the charging port lights flashing which signal a scheduled charge when you first plug in I believe. Instead of this happening once as you connect, it does it for about 3 mins, stops, then wakes up again (8amp draw with lights), then stops and so on all night until either the scheduled charge kicks in or the 12V battery dies. Sometimes the car realises the 12V battery is draining and kicks in to charge it or sometimes not. I have monitored this on a bluetooth battery monitor and clamp meter on the 12V cable. Car has been in several times to Hyundai and supposedly had all the upgrades to stop 12V drain. I have checked my charger on another car (Kona) - no issues and also tried the 13A plug charger with no issues. Only happens on a wall box on my car it would seem. Anyone else seeing this particular issue? Any help would be appreciated.

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