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Does anyone knowhow to change the log in email address to a different one. I need to change it as the old one is no longer in use and I cannot log on to the App.

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I have managed to rectify the situation, it wasn't easy at all, first of all you need to log off on all the devices you use the App. Then find blue link on the infatainment screen, scroll down and deactivate it then activate it, you will need the car VIN number and payment details with you, just follow the prompts. not for the faint hearted!! Lust be aware that some of your car set up will be altered, like units, and bluetooth devices. I found that the Bluelink email contact was very helpful.
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I had my Ioniq 5 stolen earlier this week. The first indication was a message saying my bluelink was disconnected. I was unable to reconnect the bluelink without being inside the car. I have now been told by Hyundai that it is easily possible to reset/disconnect the bluelink from inside the car and then of course I am not able to track the car.
Surely it should not be possible to reset the bluelink so easily. It must be possible to add some security before resetting and disconnecting the bluelink is possible. The current system makes the bluelink useless if the car is stolen and the thieves can easily reset/disconnect the bluelink.
Hyundai say they are not able to track the car although it must be possible if they wanted to provide this service. It seems a waste of the technology in the car that it can’t be used to track a stolen car. I would be happy to pay Hyundai for providing this service.
The car was clearly stolen by using the key relay system – we have video showing it took less than a minute to steel the car. The Ioniq 5 is vulnerable to this. Some added security must be possible. Keys including the spare key must be kept in a good faraday box!!
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Sorry to hear that. I lost mine in July so I think we were some of the early ones but it is now happening to lots of people.

Have you seen this? ... ieves/amp/
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There are three different attack approaches being used and all the E-GMP based cars (Ioniq5/6, Kia EV6 and Genesis GV60) are currently susceptible to all three approaches.

Relay Attack
The common relay attack (which is widely publicised). One device takes the signal from your key fob amplifies it and send it to another close to your car. The car simply sees the correct expected signal and opens and starts.
This can me mitigated by keeping your keys in a container that does not allow wireless signals to leak out - a Faraday box.

Key Cloning
This approach requires access to your key to simply make a digital copy, which for all intents and purposes is then identical to the original.
Careful who you give your key to.

Key Emulator
A device is placed close to the car to receive the car's signal. The device then takes between 10 and 120 second approximately to find the correct signal to unlock the car and this can then be saved for later use.
A secondary authentication system is needed to prevent the car from starting, but if this is hooked into Bluelink Connected Services that can be disabled once access to the car has been gained. There's not much apart form physical krooklock type approach that can help here.
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It is possible to fit a tracker device, that cannot be detected by thieves, so will be able to track
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