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Post by Tartan »

Hi - I'm considering purchasing an Ioniq 5.

Which models have parking assist (e.g. automatic parallel parking)?
I see Remote Park Assist in the marketing literature but it's not clear to me if that is an additional option for parking the car from outside of the car using the key fob.

Appreciate any guidance.

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Post by NumbNuts1964 »

You will need to get the tech pack to benefit from this. You also get the relaxation seats, remote smart park, parking collision avoidance, driver memory seats, and auto flush door handles. This can only be spec ex on an Ultimate or come standard on the Namsan.
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Post by Wheelie »

I have it, used it once (just to try it) and never used it since. Does it work? Yes ... buy... it is a bit of a gimmick unless you are brutal at parking.
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