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Does anyone know where to get answers to questions, I appreciate I could put my list on forums and get things sorted but I am not getting anywhere with the dealer or Hyundai customer service and I feel both of them should be trying to help more, I sent a list of questions into the dealer 2 days after taking delivery of a new car and they only attempted to answer one of them and a reply from Hyundai customer services was just confusing, I suspect they sent me the answers to someone else's questions and nothing else from them after asking about the reply.

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What questions do you have ... Ioniq 5 AWD owner?
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Hi post your questions and as I've had my ionic 5 for 2+ years I think I've had most issues and problems and used every items on the car
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I am also a new owner and I would like to know which is best satnav for travelling as I am heading on a 300mile journey and I have ABRP etc but I want to be very confident on arriving at charge stations with more than 25%
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